Garage Door Repair Buckeye AZ 

The springs in your garage door system are so important that without them the doors cannot open and close properly. The main springs that are found in the door that often need to be replaced are the extension springs and the torsion springs.

Springs are important because they enable the weight of the garage door to be supported and hence allow the door to open. These springs enable both the electronic and manual opening of the garage door.

Springs like all things in life also have a lifespan. Nothing lives for ever after all; even springs have a cut off point! The more common garage door springs are only able to maintain a 10,000 cycle shelf life. What this means is that for a garage door that is opened up to four times each day, the rate these springs are getting worn out in relatively moderate and at this rate the springs will need to be replaced after seven years. When the rate of opening the garage door increases to eight times on a daily basis, so too does the rate at which these springs are worn out. At this eight times a day rate, the springs will need to be replaced in about three years time.