‘They were friendly, courteous and very helpful. I couldn’t have asked for more.’ – Marge Donaldson

‘The technicians really did a thorough job on that old garage door. I haven’t had the money to fix it up but after months of parking my car outside, I realized I had to get together some money and get the door fixed. The technicians really worked with all their might on my old garage door and it left quite an impression on me. Thank you.’ – Julianne Moore

‘Top notch service. I don’t regret a thing.’ – Rob Piper

‘Best garage work I have had in a while.’ – Catherine Cooper

‘I recommend them to everyone out there looking for an honest and reliable company.’ – Brandon Wales

‘You won’t find a better service team than at Buckeye Garage Door Repair.’ – Marian Kate

‘I wish I had known about them sooner, they would have replaced and installed all my doors since I moved into this house.’ – Anthony Clarkson

‘The service team is amazing and their service is truly phenomenal.’ – Jonathan Devon

‘Loved every minute they were teaching me about garage doors. They really know how to make you feel special!’ – Lucy Withers

‘I have a tiny 2 year old tot who enjoys rushing into the garage and playing with the garage door when I am not paying attention. Recently the springs broke and I had been walking on eggshells waiting to get the door fixed. The first company that I called kept delaying in coming. Then I called Buckeye Garage Door Repair and literally within minutes they were at my door and in less than two hours the springs were all new. Thank you once again.’ – Melissa Armstrong